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Particle Accelerator.

Original artwork, drawing monoprints. The vector drawings were created digitally using generative and algorithmic processes. Versions in b/w and color. Giclée inkjet print with UltraChrome archival inks. High quality, high definition resolution, 2880 ink dots per inch.

Going back several years, I previously taught at Michigan State University. When I started working at MSU, I became aware that the campus had it’s own Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Returning home everynight I walked past the facilities and wondered what experiments might be taking place and started to scribble circles with my pen and sketchbook. Later I became fascinated with CERN and all the wild internet conspiracies that a hole to another dimension had been accidentally opened during one of the collisions. I imagined the moment right after the collision and how the release of energy would attempt to expand into chaos, but somehow remained structurally contained, similar to magnetic fields. This is an ongoing project.

A1 Test Print on Japanese Washi Paper
Not for sale at this time.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles