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An ongoing series of digital drawnings. In total, there are approximately 30 image experiments currently in progress. Decoded materialized through a multiplicity of perspectives. The compositions evolved from a unique process of analyzing and extracting digital artifacts from upscaling and downscalling compressed JPG images using algorithmic automation while experimenting with software. The geometric patterns that emerged evoked a mash-up of Arabic Kufi Script and Atari 80’s 8-bit video game landscapes, and is also reminiscent of John Cage’s graphic musical score ‘Notations’. The Decoded drawings are made from scalable pixel elements that can be resized and transformed infinitely.

Particle Accelerator.

Original artwork, drawing monoprints. The vector drawings were created digitally using generative and algorithmic processes. Versions in b/w and color. Giclée inkjet print with UltraChrome archival inks. High quality, high definition resolution, 2880 ink dots per inch.

Going back several years, I previously taught at Michigan State University. When I started working at MSU, I became aware that the campus had it’s own Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory. Returning home everynight I walked past the facilities and wondered what experiments might be taking place and started to scribble circles with my pen and sketchbook. Later I became fascinated with CERN and all the wild internet conspiracies that a hole to another dimension had been accidentally opened during one of the collisions. I imagined the moment right after the collision and how the release of energy would attempt to expand into chaos, but somehow remained structurally contained, similar to magnetic fields. This is an ongoing project.

A1 Test Print on Japanese Washi Paper
Not for sale at this time.

We Repel Each Other,
We Attract Each Other.

A video exploring gravitational pull, particle attraction and electromagnetism, but with a quasi-scientific idea that human attraction can be affected the same way on some cosmic level. Perhaps we are destined to find those who enter our lives based on unforeseen, and not fully comprehendable forces. This work is currently in progress as a concept for a video installation.

Endlessly Floating on Gravitational Waves.

The first in a series of mesmerizing videos exploring unforeseen forces of the universe through abstract metaphorical narratives. Gravitational waves are cosmic phenomena that disturb the fabric of spacetime, possibly allowing for slippage of linear time with each passing wave. In theory, this causes our life path to skip a beat, like a needle jumping a small groove on a vinyl record. That tiny skip shifts us slightly into an alternate reality, setting a new course only to be altered with the next passing wave. As this action continues  repeatedly, we become more susceptible to loop through the same scenarios endlessly. This work is currently in progress as a concept for a video installation.

Uncharted Territories.

A series of four self-published artist books. The books are printed with UltraChrome archival inks on Japanese Washi Paper with custom embossed pages. Binding is stitched by hand using a sewing machine and thread. The pages are only printed on one side and then use an inverted fold that is void in the center, metaphorically alluding to the emptiness of the universe itself. The thin Japanese papers and bold graphics allow for translucent moments to overlap and interplay with form and shape, as if gravitational waves have bent space and time.

The work is loosely inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘The Complete Cosmicomics’ and listening to lectures from theoretical physicist Brian Greene, with a subtle fascination for synchronicity and unforeseen patterns. The series of books are meant to be viewed together in close proximity and concurrently, as an interaction. The readers (viewers) can formulate their own imaginative interpretations of the non-linear narratives, perhaps finding relationships between the abstract visuals and poetic content — possibly thinking about our limited time in this vast galaxy, the birth of the universe and the slow entropic decay of matter, and if something else exists in a distant place but is always lost in translation.

9.5 x 13 inches  / Japanese Washi Paper / Inkjet Archival Ink 
Original not for sale, limited reprints negotiable.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles